"You can't shoot it if you don't know it." The best action shots come with a good understanding of the subject, a love of the sport, and an appreciation of the subtleties that make the event unique.

Cynthia R. Wiseman is an avid equestrian, athlete, sports mom, and hobby photographer. She can be found on the sidelines behind a camera, or on (or behind) a horse just about every weekend.

Cynthia's love of photography was inherited from her father and grandmother. She grew up in a home with albums stuffed full of photos, boxes of negatives, and even a little personal darkroom. She enjoys sharing this passion with others by providing images that capture the emotion and intensity of our athletes.

All Proceeds Benefit Our Sports Programs

All proceeds from the sale of photos are donated to the athletic programs of the following organizations:

Web-sized digital downloads are available at no cost as a courtesy to our athletes and their friends and families. Donations to the above organizations are encouraged.


Contact Cynthia at 417-880-4567 or via email.